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Basic Information  

A full service property management company owned by Mark Everson. Services include leasing of properties, collecting rents, over-seeing evictions, repairs, renovations and remodeling of homes and condominiums.  Much of our work is centered around our staff successfully communicating with property owners, tenants, contractors, creditors, insurers, attorneys, code enforcement, planning and zoning and home owner associations—just to name a few.

Mark Everson, Property Manager 
Phone & Fax - 888-690-2224
Direct - 239-699-2362
Website: www.expert-pm.com
E-mail: help@expert-pm.com


List of Services and Fees

Much of our work is centered around our staff successfully communicating with property owners, tenants, contractors, creditors, insurers, attorneys, code enforcement, planning and zoning and home owner associations to ensure the proper and most efficient communication.
Management fees are charged on a percentage basis as the rent is collected.
Management fees are for our services in connection with:

  • Attending to daily telephone, email and fax inquiries.
  • Timely rent collection.
  • A property manager on call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  • Organizing keys for viewings, inspections and repair vendors.
  • Attending to payment of various property expenses.
  • Collection of late rent through various legal means.
  • Lease enforcement with tenants.
  • Hand deliveries of notices to tenants as necessary.
  • Attending to correspondence.
  • Organizing maintenance repairs and quotes.
  • Oversee filing of evictions if necessary.
  • Attending court evictions if necessary.
  • Preparing monthly statements for property owners.
  • Preparing annual year-end income & expense statements and IRS 1099 Forms.
  • Liaison with homeowner or condo associations if applicable (extra fee).
  • Organizing utilities to be turned on and off when required.
  • Conducting annual rent reviews.
  • Regular follow up with maintenance contractors.
  • Periodic visual inspections of the property to ensure lease compliance.
  • Processing notices to vacate or to renew a lease term.
  • Liaison with insurance companies, when authorized.
  • Conducting move-in/move-out inspections.
  • Lodging security deposit claims, when necessary, in accordance with the Florida Landlord Tenant Laws, F.S. 83
  • Liaison with and assisting sales brokerage firms.
  • Maintaining a staff of highly skilled and trained professional property managers who   our phones to conduct business during normal business hours.
  • Maintaining a professional office overhead with the latest in technology and property management tools.
  • Constant ongoing training and cutting edge knowledge of our industry.
  • Expert Team Property Management are licensed Florida Real Estate Agents.
  • Direct supervision by company owner who is a member of National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

Additional Benefits Included in MANAGEMENT FEES:


After receiving an application from a prospective Tenant, all applications are screened through:

  • Trans Union
  • Credit Report and History
  • National Eviction Reports
  • Tenant Performance Reports
  • Public Records/Judgments
  • Sexual Predator/Terrorist databases
  • Rental history check
  • Employment verification



Leasing fees are for our services in connection with:

  • Arranging, placement, recording and administering advertising and signage.
  • Arranging, taking and saving photographs of your property.
  • Uploading photos and property information to the various Internet sites.
  • Arranging and conducting showing appointments with prospective tenants.
  • Keeping the property owner informed of showings and rental activity.
  • Administering lease applications and processing applications for tenancy.
  • Tenant screening via credit reports, eviction searches, criminal background check, verification of former landlord references and employment verification of applicant.
  • Negotiating the terms of the lease with prospective renters.
  • Organizing the new lease agreement and processing items necessary for new residency.
  • Conducting the lease closing in person with tenants, processing of lease, including:
  • General information and providing rules and
  • Tenancy regulations to new tenants.
  • Registration and activation of the tenant’s rental payment system.



  • Leasing renewal fees are for our services in connection with:
  • Extending tenancy for an additional year of rental income for the property owner.
  • Avoiding vacancy as much as possible.
  • Preparation of proper lease renewal documentation.
  • Review of market rents to adjust rents on lease renewals.
  • Timely renewal notices to tenants, per Florida statute, F.S. 83.

CURRENT FEE SCHEDULE (subject to change):

  • 10% of monthly rent


  • 75% of One Month’s Rent


  • $150 per year

HOME WATCH for VACANT HOMES: Physically inspect property every 2 weeks. Pick up yard debris, bugs, etc., flush toilets, and report any items needing attention.

  • $50 per month



To provide quality, faster, discounted service we operate our own maintenance company with honest, reliable, and professional individuals with years of experience who will provide the following services:

  • Detailed review inside and outside of property
  • Update owners on maintenance issues and property condition
  • Make all needed repairs whether minor or emergency
  • Handle Tenant repair requests
  • Perform final walk-through when Tenant vacates




  • Lawn Care for standard size lots:  mowing, edging, trimming, weed control and includes trimming of shrubs, bushes and plantings - $100 per month.
  • Pool Care:  including chemicals - $80 per month
  • Interior Pest Control:  $250

Services and fees can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs.
Fees may vary depending on the specific property.